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Watch Bullfighting bull Madrid

Watch bullfighting bull Madrid. The existence of the brave bull has a very positive impact on the environmental system of Spain. The biologist and the Professor of Natural Sciences, Miguel del Pino has also ratified it during his appearance: “the fighting bull is not a species, it is a race, it is the race of the races”. In addition, del Pino has extolled the genealogical ties of fighting cattle as something exclusive: “as you can see in the picture in which the water appears with its mother, the bull is a very protected animal during breeding.”

The historical documentation on the origin of the herds allows tracing the origin of the fighting cattle in the XVI-XVIII centuries.

Analyzed the farms by encastes, it is observed that the degree of genetic differentiation is much higher than that between the European cattle breeds, so the breed of Lydia should be considered as race of races.


The fighting bull occupies more than 500,000 hectares of pastureland and is the best protector of the Iberian pasture when living in balance and harmony with the native flora and fauna.

The dehesas of bulls of fight are located mainly in saw or mount, disadvantaged zones of the Iberian Peninsula more wild and poor, not apt for the culture and threatened by the depopulation.

Livestock farms contribute to increase the rural population in depressed areas, through the improvement of wages, by the need for a fixed and qualified workforce.

The breeding of the fighting bull and its traditional uses are declared and protected as Cultural Heritage. A mainpiece of Spanish culture.

Know the brave bull breeding.

Contact us to live an exclusive experience between bulls. A familiar experience.This tour is an essential of Spanish culture.


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Madrid stag do ideas: Baby bull running Madrid

Madrid stag do ideas.

Madrid stag do ideas. If you want a exclusive and unique experience, come with us!.

If you want a fun and original plan, this is your place. Take the opportunity to live the unique experience that Spain gives you to be a bullfighter for a day. Guaranteed fun!

We have everything to have a fantastic day.

Madrid baby bull running is like no other event and the most successful stag activity in the capital. The group will have the opportunity to to go face to face with the horns of a bull and feel a rush of adrenaline that can only be described when in that moment! Unlike a real bullfight, this event is a piece of cake (at least that’s your upsell tactic to get the group involved!) and there is no harm to the animals or the members entering the capea. You will be supervised by experienced bull runners (proffesionals) who will show you the ropes (Or cape in this instance) and teach you how to control the bull and brief you on the next steps. 

Then, this is one of the best Madrid stag do ideas.

See our youTube channel, No others can do it. We are the best. See our TripAdvisor reviews.

Stag Party Madrid bullfight
Madrid stag do ideas

Our clients, our best reference.


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Thanks to visit CampoToro bullfighting bull Madrid.

Bullfighting bull Madrid.

In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.

How to baby bull running | Madrid bull experience.

How to baby bull running.

Hugo and friends lived a great experience with us!. They started visiting the ranch and eating a great meal, in our main saloon.

They were a bit nervous about baby bullfighting, but we teach them how to baby bull running.  They were very brave… and all of them have fun with the bulls.

The bullfighter is called a recortador who, with the sole help of his body or with some simple device such as a pole-like pole, skillfully performs pirouettes before the onslaught of the bull or heifer, such as cuts, jumps or bursts. laterals adjusting to the waist the bulls of bulls. It is done without a layer or tied to the arm. This type of bullfighting that is presented as a show is a centuries-old tradition that has its origin in Spain that began with the first bullfighting and is held in popular festivities in streets or squares of bulls, there are also contests to name the best trimmer. It takes a lot of skill to perform this prodigy of value, physical form and sportsmanship.

We teach you in both stiles, with cape like a bullfighter and without, like a recortador.  But you have to follow our advices also. It gonna be an unforgettable experience. And we will play games with the bulls, and other surprises…

Baby bull running is a traditional Spanish experience and offers everything you would want from a stag event: adrenaline, amusing, unique and best of all a real treat for the groom-to-be (or maybe not!). It’s probably best that when disclosing your gem of an activity to the lads you explain that the bull is just a baby, so any “boys” within the group can eliminate those horror images from there head!

how to baby bull running

Best Madrid stag do activities

Best Madrid stag do activities

Best Madrid stag do activities. Alex and friends choosen us to celebrate his stag do. They wanted an unusual stag party, and they got the best Madrid stag do activities. Finally they had a great day plenty of fun. Most of all they were very brave with the heifers, and participating in all games. An unforgetable memories of his spanish stag party.

We customize our packages to give you the best stag party They choosen to have a great afternoon, because it fits perfectly with his weekend.

Best Madrid stag do activities
Feeding the bulls.

You can enjoy Madrid about a million different ways. But we offer a unique experience to dig into an exclusive local activity. Live a Capea or baby bull running. This experience its simply the best Madrid stag do. This experience mix : Fun, adrenaline, spanish culture, nature, outdoor, local food, exclusivity… the best activity to have a memorable stag do.

A great chance to feel like a bullfighter for a day.  The groom has to be brave to not be chased by the heifers. Our experts teach you to do it.

Our ranch let you enjoy a perfect day with your friends. Ask for our group discounts.

Best Madrid Stag Party

Best Madrid Stag Party. Jordan trust in us to live an incredible day between bulls. We hope they lived the best Madrid stag party with us.

The Running of the Bulls has become one of the world’s most iconic cultural traditions, the festival at Pamplona being the most famous. Picture half a dozen black fighting bulls weighing between 500kg and 600 kg each charging through narrow streets guided by a herd of steers (known as mansos) and determined not to sop for anything. And then picture crowds of young guys running along in front trying to stay ahead for as long as possible before getting out of the way. Sound exciting? You bet. Dangerous? There have been fatalities. A buzz? One that’s never to be forgotten.

If you and the lads are in Spain for a stag do then this is your chance to show what you’re made of. We’ll take you to a bull running event that’s less risky than Pamplona but will still give you a major adrenalin rush. You’ll also be mentored first so you know what’s expected and how to keep out of harm’s way. Here’s a stag event like no other, but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

The running of the bulls Madrid
bullfight Madrid experience
What to do in Madrid on a Stag?

Best Madrid stag party

We are local experts, come with us to live a unique experience. We teach you how to enjoy it!!.

Fun, adrenaline, food, beers, outdoor, friends… the perfect receipe to have the best Madrid stag party.

Bullfight Lifetime experience Madrid

Anup and friends, enjoy with us a great day, and they were so brave. It was lifetime experience Madrid.  We start visiting the ranch and with an introduction of bull running. They thought that it was a regular day but it wasnt. They had lived their bull lifetime experience.

Be the envy of your friends and experience an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience.  CAMPOTORO has a luxurious once in a lifetime experience guaranteed to make you the envy of your friends. Be inspired by our once in a lifetime collection below and create a lifetime memory. 

Lifetime experience Madrid

Pictures of a Lifetime experience

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Bullfight Madrid experience

Bullfight Madrid experience. Edwin and friends trust in us to know the private world of the bulls. We spend a day between bulls. The were very interested in know the Spanish culture. 

We visit the ranch , teaching all private datails about bull breeding.

After the visiting of the ranch a great barbecue was waiting us. We catch strength for the main dish, to go to the bullring. And then it was the time to be brave.

They have the chance to feel like a bullfighter for a day. We explain some tricks before to be in front of the heifer. And the were so so brave that they wanted to repeat some tricks and they did very good. It was an unforgettable day. You could see at the pictures. They have lived a real Bullfight Madrid experience.

Walk the fences where you will find more than 500 wild cattle. Discover the mysteries of the breeding of this fantastic animal and learn how a fighting bull lives. A unique experience in contact with nature and livestock tradition. In this farm, they carry out the breeding and selection of our brave bull. A bull that we take care of with care until it is fought.

And at the end you would have the chance to face a baby bull an live the bullfighter experience. Live a real Bullfight Madrid experience.

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Toros concurso de recortes de Perales de Tajuña

Toros de Hnos Quintas para el XV Concurso de Recortes de Perales de Tajuña.

El 20 de Agosto se celebrara el tradicional concurso de recortes de Perales de Tajuña, que celebra ya su XV edición. Contara con utreros escogidos de Hnos Quintas con muy vistosos pelajes pero muy igualados. Una bonita novillada que esperemos que cumpla en el ruedo. Suerte a todos los participantes!

Madrid Bullfight Experience

Madrid Bullfight experience. We had a great day with our friends from Ireland, Britain, Turkey and Hungary. Tony was prepared a great stag to his dear brother,and he trust in us. They were very excited to bullfighting and the oportunity to be a bullfighter for a day . We started playing several games, but the main dish were the bulls. A little talk to start and they feel very confortable with the heifers. It was a very hot day but we enjoyed it a lot. 

Our team was always taking after of the group to have a great Madrid Bullfight Experience. You only have to follow our bull running advices. 

Almost everybody tried to run the baby bulls, with our advices. Feel the pasion, adrenaline and have fun with your friends and enjoy a day outdoor.

But the day is not all bulls, we have inflatables to have fun, a great barbecue and open  bar of beer & sangria. Come with us to live an incredible experience.

Madrid Bullfight Experience

Madrid Bullfight experience

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