Bullfight exhibition in Madrid.

Bullfight exhibition in Madrid, flying through the air these amazing bull leapers compete in the ultimate game of chance.

Displaying flips, leaps and jumps these modern day Spanish ‘Recortadores’ continue a bull leaping tradition that goes back to the legendary King Minos from Crete’s Minoan civilisation around 1500 BC.

 CampoToro BullLeaping

Each year, bull fighting teams from all over Spain descend upon the Plaza de Toros to battle in this daring competition.

This is a bloodless bullfight. This is what we call here “recortadores”. In this exhibition the bull is NOT harmed in any way. Here, the “recortadores” have to dodge the bull in the most creative ways you can imagine; they can be done as one recortador only, or with the aid of one or two more.

Bull LeapingAn amazing show.

You do not know what is going to happen and fearing the performers would be caught by a horn.

The Recortadores call the bull, face them and then at just the right moment, jump over the animal as it charges towards them.

The jumpers carry out all kind of different tricks and look really braves and courageous.

Then suddenly, the tables are turned and the jumpers have to run for their lives to evade the angry bulls.

There is a tense and expectant atmosphere in the air which makes this so exciting. Established in ancient bronze age Crete during the Minoan era, bull leaping is practised throughout  Europe from France to Portugal.

BullLeaping Campotoro Madrid demonstration      CampoToro Bull Leapers Demonstration   

With as many as three bulls in the ring at any one time, each ‘Recortadores’ team – made up of between 5 and 7 members – go head-to-head in a dangerous and skilful performance which can last up to four hours.

You could see more info in campotoro.es. We organice tours, bull leaping demostration, and visits bull  ranch.

Our monitors are experienced recortadores, let us to show you this art and be with the best proffesionals, to enjoy to the maximum.

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