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Madrid Recortadores a good alternative to Bullfighting.

Madrid Recortadores, A show to everybody.

Madrid Recortadores

Madrid Recortadores.  When Bullpen is open, the beast is in the arena and the pasion and adreline flows inside of Recortadores. A bloodless show where people do his best performance facing the bull to get a position in the big final. As a result is getting popular againt the traditional Madrid bullfighting. A man leaping a bull is always amazing.

What is a Madrid recotadores contest?

The Madrid recortadores contest is a bullfighting show where participants face several bulls or heifers, in turns, and make all kinds of cuts, jumps and bankruptcies on the animal, in order to participate in the bull at the last moment and risk the maximum to take the trophy.

There is a judge to evaluate each member. Its a fine art, they have to do it with art, risk and emotions. Its is not a sport it is a pasion. 

However, a good bullfighting alternative can be the activity of the so-called trimmers, bullfighters who only with their body (or simple gadgets such as capes or sticks like poles) perform skillful pirouettes before the onslaught of bulls or heifers (calling the bull of front, going out to meet him and cut the trip face and going backwards); jumps over (the angel, feet together, the rifle or the mortal), or lateral bankruptcies (wait for the arrival of the bull and deceive him with a waist movement, still waiting for his onslaught or the race going out to meet him), being the best cut is that the bullfighter remains more stopped after passing the bull.

How old is it?

A type of bullfighting of centuries-old tradition in Spain (the first bullfighting in popular festivities in streets or bullfights), there are also competitions to name the best trimmers (in value, fitness and sportsmanship).

Where you can see Madrid Recortadores?

A common practice throughout the Ebro riverbank (Navarra and Aragon), the Basque Country, Madrid and Valencia (where they are a large part of the most prominent trimmers) and that is not criticized by animal organizations or sensitive people, in not being damaged the animals and, in addition, assuming a confrontation between human and animal in equal conditions, with several modalities in this regard: the Free Trimming contest (in front of several bulls in turns, with all kinds of cuts, jumps and breaks on the animal, for cheat you at the last moment risking the maximum to achieve the trophy); the Cortes contest (same but only with cuts, and deeply rooted in Castilla-León and northern Spain); or the contest of trimmers with rings (usually in pairs in front of the bull or heifer by lottery to place rings on the antlers or pythons, being the winner the couple with more rings in the assigned period of time, usually 3 minutes).

They dont really earn a lot of money, they do it as a hobbie.

Madrid Bull experiences

In conclusion, If you come with us, you will have the chance to face a baby bull. It is not easy. 

But we will give you our best advices and trainning to do it. This is really an unique experience, that you have to do it with real experts, in a great ranch, in the north of Madrid. 

We have shows of Madrid recortadores all year with Spanish champions of Recortes. Its one of the best Madrid bullfighting experiences. We can offer you more experiences like:

Mail us to and ask about our bull experiences.

Bullfighting Experience Madrid

Private tour Bullfighting experience Madrid is a different way to introduce you into bullfighting world.

This is not the typical tour. This is an experience with local people, with bullbreeders, and proffesionals. We visit a brave bull ranch to know how the brave bull is breeding, and to start to get in touch with the culture of the bull. 

In our visit you can taste local homemade dishes, and tapas. 

You will train like a matador, and at the end you can face a baby bull with our help. 

Feel the adrenaline, feel the pasion is the best way to understand this ancient tradition. 

This is a bloodless activity none animal would be hurt.

Bullfighting Experience Madrid
Bullfighting Experience Madrid

Bullfighting Experience Madrid

We will be with you to teach you and to show you how to do it. You wont forget it.

Go with local guide, and discover this private world. You wont regret it this bullfighting experience.

how to baby bull running

Contact us at for more information.

In our training we will start without bull, doing bullfighting with a bike bull, to learn the tecnic. Bullfighting is very demanding, and we have to warm up befor to face the bull. 

Madrid Bullfighting Experience
Toreo Experience

You can customize your Bullfighting experience Madrid with a bullleaping show, baby bull running for all your friends,  visit the cattle or take a private leessons of bullfighting.

Fernando Peña, camada 2019

Fundada en 1870 por don Jacinto Trespalacios con reses del Marqués de la Conquista, y que posteriormente eliminó éstas y la formó con reses de Veragua. Heredada por su sobrino, el Conde de Trespalacios, en 1913 se la vendió a don Matías Sánchez Cobaleda y en 1929 se dividió entre sus hijos. Una parte le correspondió a don Arturo Sánchez y Sánchez, que en 1934 eliminó las reses de Trespalacios y la formó con vacas y sementales adquiridos a Infante da Cámara, procedencia don José Martinho Alves do Río, quien la formó con reses de Tamarón. En 1989 falleció don Arturo anunciándose a nombre de sus herederos. En 1990 fue adquirida por la Compañía de Inversiones Palomarejos, S.A. En 1991 se adquieren vacas y sementales de las ganaderías de “Manolo González” y “González Sánchez-Dalp”, eliminando posteriormente la anterior procedencia. En 1995 se agregan vacas y sementales procedentes de “Torrestrella”.

Madrid is the Bullfighting Capital.

Madrid Bullfighting – Day and night, having tapas or drinks, going shopping or visiting museums, in the most traditional Madrid or in the most exclusive area, if you are young (or not that much), enjoy a city that never sleeps and that offers the most caters to all tastes. 

Toro Tour Madrid

From North to South, from East to West, in mountain areas, green routes… the Region of Madrid has a networking of Routes that run through all over the rural corers, the natural protected areas, the ravines and cattle routes and many more paths.

Madrid is a culture center of Spain, theaters, cinemas, museums and the most important bullring of the world. Madrid is the reference in Bullfighting. All the bullfighter who want to become a master, has to do a great performance in Madrid.

Madrid brave bull breeding

Fighting bull breeding production spreads all over Spain, South of France, Mexico, Colombia, Peur, Ecuador and Venezuela.

There are more than 976 Fighting bull breeding farms in Spain, which account for 213,457 heads of livestock as listed in the Fighting Bovine breed family tree.

Fighting bull breeding spreads across 617,763.454 acres of plains defined by the EU as High Value Environments(HVE)*.

*Theses systems are defined by the low employment of supplies, the presence of semi-natural vegetation and the variety of uses of the soil. They are comprised of a huge typology of  real estate. From extensive livestock pastures to dry land weed with some spots of vegetation. Unique and archetypal species like the scarce Iberian lynx, the imperial Eagle, indigenous livestock breed of indigenous types of harvest.

breeding brands are located in the least populated areas of the European Union with a population density of less than 50 inhabitants per square kilometer, backward areas featured by the lack of industrial fabric. The fighting bull´s breeding plains are located mostly on ridges or mountains; Poor areas of the Iberian peninsula, wild and poor unsuitable for harvesting and threatened by depopulation. In Madrid thera are 7 brave bull ranchs. 

The traditional thing is that the bullfights in Madrid are held mid-afternoon, starting between five and six, depending on the time of the year in which they are scheduled. Generally, the bullfighting season takes place in spring, summer and early fall. The development of the celebration lasts approximately two hours. It can be an important data for all those who travel to Madrid for work reasons and want to square their schedules to attend a bullfight or go to the bulls, as popularly said.

For much of the year bullfighting celebrations are held in the Las Ventas arena, but the peak is reached at the San Isidro Fair, between the months of May and June. Undoubtedly, it is the best time to attend the bulls in Madrid, because during those dates the posters are presided over by all the bullfighting stars, whether bullfighters or rejoneadores.

For this reason, the tickets of the San Isidro Fair are so demanded, and it is advisable to buy them in advance if you know the dates of the trip with time, it is preferable to acquire those tickets as soon as possible, because the best locations of Las Ventas are sold out quickly.

Come with us to discover Madrid Bullfighting culture. Visit a brave bull ranch and enjoy an exclusive experience with us.

Madrid Brave Bull Breeding

Bullfighting Tour Madrid

One of the most attractive tourist activities in the market. Since always, Spain has had a tourist market, complete, attractive and varied, but the symbolism that accompanies the brand Spain has been, this and will be linked to 3 of its great bastions:




Why not join them all, and be able to enjoy them in a pleasant day. To do this in the “CampoToro” ranch, located in Madrid, a tanning only 35 minutes from the center of Madrid, and just 20 minutes from the airport, we put at your disposal a wide range of possibilities and offers, to be able enjoy the brave bull in all its splendor It is a tourist package, intended for both foreign and national tourists. To know and enjoy the brave bull a few feet away, enter this exciting world or reach an authentic bullfighter, with our theoretical-practical classes. In short, a cluster of unparalleled sensations, an unprecedented dose of adrenaline and above all a unique and exclusive activity available to everyone.

Bullfighting Tour Madrid , Guided tour of the livestock facilities, with detailed explanations. Thanks to which you can observe the Bravo Bull in its natural habitat, a few meters, cows belly, oxen, horses and other animals that are in our facilities. A privileged position and a unique view, which will make you feel special emotions. One of the most fascinating, attractive and exclusive activities that can be done in the world and that can only be enjoyed in this environment.

Capea, traditional Spanish festival, in which you can feel like an authentic bullfighter, you can show your skills in front of two heifers. For anyone who does not know this world, this supposes a unique experience, with a dose of incomparable adrenaline, that they will want to repeat. For this activity, our professional team will always be on the lookout and taking care of our guests.

Madrid Bullfighter Experience

Madrid Bullfighter Experience

Madrid has many different activities, but just one unique. Madrid Bullfighter Experience.

Brave bull and bullfighting identifies our country. We show you this ancient cultural ritual from inside.

We make amazing experiences around the brave bull. We are very respectful with this amazing animal. All of our experiences are bloodless. Our policy of respect the animal as the main resource of our experiences. We believe that bullfigting has to change and we create another way to enjoy this piece of our culture.

We spend all day between bulls. You can see them as close as posible and feed them also. An incredible experience to enjoy nature and bulls. The best choice for families.

The most fun experience. You have the chance to run baby bulls. But be carefull to avoid the angry bulls.

Our best experience, cultural and fun. In a luxury ranch, enjoy a bloodless show of “recortadores”. And good luck with the baby bulls.

Tapas Tour and Baby bull running at afternoon. A great experience also.

We will be with you to see a real bullfighting show. We explain you all details.

Visinting a brave bull ranch on a horse. Amazing!


Best Madrid Capea

Best Madrid Capea. Our friends of Malta, visit us to feel the bull experience. They were very brave and had a great day with us. You will be always wellcomed with us. Enjoy the best Madrid capea with us. A real lifetime experience.

Do you want to live an adventure?? Are you organizing a different stag party?? Check our baby bull running packages.

You can get in the bullring with the bull. Feel the adrenaline. Become a bullfighter with our proffesional help.

Very easily accessible from the centre of Madrid. This is not only a tour, its your biggest spanish experience. You have to live it. 

English guide, and great lunch included.

Come with us!! You wont regret it!

Best Madrid Capea

All of our clients recommend us!! Its different, its

Watch Bullfighting bull Madrid

Watch bullfighting bull Madrid. The existence of the brave bull has a very positive impact on the environmental system of Spain. The biologist and the Professor of Natural Sciences, Miguel del Pino has also ratified it during his appearance: “the fighting bull is not a species, it is a race, it is the race of the races”. In addition, del Pino has extolled the genealogical ties of fighting cattle as something exclusive: “as you can see in the picture in which the water appears with its mother, the bull is a very protected animal during breeding.”

The historical documentation on the origin of the herds allows tracing the origin of the fighting cattle in the XVI-XVIII centuries.

Analyzed the farms by encastes, it is observed that the degree of genetic differentiation is much higher than that between the European cattle breeds, so the breed of Lydia should be considered as race of races.


The fighting bull occupies more than 500,000 hectares of pastureland and is the best protector of the Iberian pasture when living in balance and harmony with the native flora and fauna.

The dehesas of bulls of fight are located mainly in saw or mount, disadvantaged zones of the Iberian Peninsula more wild and poor, not apt for the culture and threatened by the depopulation.

Livestock farms contribute to increase the rural population in depressed areas, through the improvement of wages, by the need for a fixed and qualified workforce.

The breeding of the fighting bull and its traditional uses are declared and protected as Cultural Heritage. A mainpiece of Spanish culture.

Know the brave bull breeding.

Contact us to live an exclusive experience between bulls. A familiar experience.This tour is an essential of Spanish culture.


Mail us at

Madrid stag do ideas: Baby bull running Madrid

Madrid stag do ideas.

Madrid stag do ideas. If you want a exclusive and unique experience, come with us!.

If you want a fun and original plan, this is your place. Take the opportunity to live the unique experience that Spain gives you to be a bullfighter for a day. Guaranteed fun!

We have everything to have a fantastic day.

Madrid baby bull running is like no other event and the most successful stag activity in the capital. The group will have the opportunity to to go face to face with the horns of a bull and feel a rush of adrenaline that can only be described when in that moment! Unlike a real bullfight, this event is a piece of cake (at least that’s your upsell tactic to get the group involved!) and there is no harm to the animals or the members entering the capea. You will be supervised by experienced bull runners (proffesionals) who will show you the ropes (Or cape in this instance) and teach you how to control the bull and brief you on the next steps. 

Then, this is one of the best Madrid stag do ideas.

See our youTube channel, No others can do it. We are the best. See our TripAdvisor reviews.

Stag Party Madrid bullfight
Madrid stag do ideas

Our clients, our best reference.


You can contact us at Our in our contact form in our main site

Thanks to visit CampoToro bullfighting bull Madrid.

Bullfighting bull Madrid.

In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.



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