CampoToro has deployed a  set of initiatives to protect the health of its customers, ensure that services continue to be provided without interruption and offer the best experience to the outbreak of coronavirus which is affecting all of us. 


Safe Brave bull ranch Tour.

Gain information and training on health and hygiene risk prevention guidelines in the activity.
– Avoid greeting other tour guides, providers and visitors with physical contact, including shaking
hands. Safe distances must be respected whenever possible.
– If the tour guide experiences any symptoms of the disease, even if they are mild, they should refrain from providing the service.
– Wear a mask (or protective shield) whenever the safe distance cannot be guaranteed and encourage clients to wear them in these cases too. Where a mask is used, dispose of it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and its life span. Where a protective screen or reusable mask is used, it must be properly disinfected after each use.
– Immediately throw away any personal hygiene waste -especially tissues-, including PPE in authorised waste bins or containers.
– Wash hands frequently with soap and water or, when this is not possible, with hand sanitiser.

This is especially important after coughing or sneezing, and after touching potentially contaminated surfaces (knobs, railings, lifts, etc.)
– Disinfect personal items (glasses, mobile phones, microphones, etc.) frequently with soap and water and, if this is not possible, with a disinfectant solution. We use specific products applied with a cloth, or special disinfectant wipes, to disinfect electronic equipment.
– We are going to avoid share work equipment or devices with other tour guides as much as possible. If certain equipment or devices are shared (walkies, radio guides, telephones, umbrellas, etc.), the tour
guide must establish cleaning and disinfection guidelines and, failing this, use PPE to reduce the risk of contagion.

Visitas guiadas a ganaderías bravas en Madrid