Yes the bull can win, can win his own live. Like in the previous link.

In the bullfighting there are 3 matadors, then other has to bullfight the bull. 

Its a fake new, bull are color blinded. But bull go to the movement of the cape. They go to the movement.

No torture, no any extrange thing to the bulls. Bull are just loaded in the ranch and put in the ring. They are brave by nature.

Matador can die in the show, its real. In this link the last matadors died by bulls LINK

No, it was banner for a few months and now the do it like running of the bulls and others. Check this link 

A bloodless introduction to bullfighting, to know the brave bull breeding and to introduce you into the bull tradition. A private and exclusive experience in a brave bull ranch.

The season begins in May and ends in mid-October.

As of 2016, bullfighting is indeed still legal in Spain.

This was the year of a major court ruling on the legal status of bullfighting in Spain, which resulted in overturning the bans on the practice that had been in place in Catalunya and other places in the country. 

So, as it stands, the sport is fully legal in Spain. 

But what about other countries? Where is bullfighting still legal? 

What changes have been made to bullfighting to skirt around animal cruelty laws in other countries? 

And why is bullfighting still legal anywhere, given the large number of people who see it as a brutal blood sport?

Read on for the answers to these and more questions.

Bullfights are rain or shine. 

The only way a fight would be cancelled is if the rain is hard and continuous. 

If this happens, anyone having purchased tickets for that day will be able to get a refund of their ticket price by submitting them to the Teyci kiosk. 

This is only done if the cancellation happens before the fight begins, however, if the fight is cancelled after it has begun, no refund can be given. 

This is a good reason to check the weather forecast when choosing your attendance dates. 

In the 2014 season, none of the bullfights were cancelled out of more than 100 celebrations.

Recent studies performed by the UCTL establishes minimum breeding costs for a four-year-old bull is €4,000 – €5,000 per head.


Foraging + allocation of a four-year-old, last 12 months only

900 – 1.100 €

Direct feeding costs of a fighting bull´s breeding.

1.500 – 2.000€

Minimum cost of a four-year-old fighting bull

(Considering other necessary animal´s for the bull´s sustenance, fatalities, manual labour, fuel-oil, assorted materials, medical costs, veterinary costs, other externals services, redemptions, taxes and subsides and without including maintenance costs of the estate itself)

4.000 – 5.000 €



4.000 – 5.000 €


300 – 420 €

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