Madrid unique stag do ideas.Come to live a unique experience.

Madrid unique stag do ideas.

Madrid is a great destination for a stag do (or bachelor party for American grooms-to-be). The Spanish capital is becoming increasingly popular for pre-wedding celebrations because of its glorious weather, reasonable prices and famously brilliant nightlife

Madrid unique stag do ideas.

We’re ready if you’re ready. This is your 2018, to be seized with both hands. We can help you out. We’ve got the experiences, great experiences that you’ll remember because they’re delicious, adrenaline-fuelled, eye-catching or head-scratching.

For good times, fast times, together times and once in a lifetimes, there’s something to put pep in your step and kickstart one heck of a year. we look to get the most exciting and unique experiences possible in Madrid. Come with us!.

Fun 96%
Adrenaline 92%
Adventure 85%

If you’re the kind of guys who start a legendary experience with the words “I’ve got a crazy plan”, then these might be the activities for you.

Be the envy of your friends and experience an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience.
Bullfight Tour
John Wood

Whether you want to be in the ring or just watch others get run over by a baby bull, this is a really entertaining event. Join us as we drive to the finca (bull ranch) outside of Madrid for a tapas lunch and the chance to practice your cape skills with the one-year-old vaquillas (little bulls).

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