Bulls bullfighting Madrid

As you could see in the video not all the bulls dies in a bullfighting.

They have the chance to win his life if they are very brave in the bullfight. 

How you could recognice an extraordinary brave bull?.

Its a bull who is always charging and he doesnt avoid the fight. He charge with his head very close to the floor. And he doesnt stop to charge.

Before to the end, people ask not to kill the bull to the president. Only the sword can kill the bull. Then they treat the bull and he come back to the ranch to became a father of the livestock. He wins a plenty life.

Not all the bulls have the chance to win his life, like bulls for meat.

The animal is called “Altamontaña”, it is marked with the number 40, it has a red coat and it belongs to Fernando Peña’s livestock.

Arganda´s plaza vibrated at the end of the afternoon, a bull came out with chiqueros with bull-shaped work that was always from less to more and that fell into the lot of Carlos Ochoa. The Madrilenian fought like the angels, broken and very delivered taking him down to the extraordinary animal, especially with his left foot in a top job where ‘Altamontaña’ earned a more than deserved pardon.

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We want to show you the real world of the bullfighting world.

Come with us to see and learn about the real life of a bullfighting bull. Stereotypes exits everywhere and bullfighting is no exception.  Are bulls prepared for bullfighting? They only charge to the red one?  Bullfighting is banned in Catalonia? … Bulls are friendly?   

Let us show you the bull ranch and discover the bullfighting tradition by your own.


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