Let us to show the private world of brave bull

Visit a brave bull ranch in Madrid. It is only the appearance of the “toro bravo”, or fighting bull, that occasionally disturbs this tranquility. The homestead, which has stood for more than a century, exudes an ambience of authenticity as time-honored tradition. Men and women who take care of the bulls will exhibit the love and respect that one comes to feel for these magnificent beasts.  Ranch offers guests the opportunity to observe the animals at close proximity from a tractor-pulled trailer. At the end of the visit you will enjoy a typical aperitif with olives, cheese, local wine and sangria. To top off a truly exclusive Spanish experience.

We complete you experience with other activites:

  • Feed up the livestock.
  • See a bullfight demonstration (bloodless).
  • Colaborate in the field work with bulls.
  • Live a bull running (capea).
  • Taste typical spanish dishes.

It makes a real exclusive experience.

Visit a brave bull ranch in Madrid

  • See the natural beauty of the meadow, different scenes of the life of the brave bull, the horses, the oxen, cows and other animals of the ecological system of the brave bull.

  • Listen the song of the birds, the bellowing of the bulls and the cows, the neighing of the foals, the sound of the cowbells … and the silence of the countryside.

  • Smell the smell of the wet soil, the dew of the morning, the dry herbs, and closing your eyes and taking a deep breath you can feel nature entering your body.

  • Feel in your skin the caress of the wind, the fur of our animals and all the sensations that the countryside has prepared for you.

  • Taste the good wine, the typical food of our land and all this among friends. A space dedicated to good eating and good drinking.

We make the best package for your needs. We create personal experiences.

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