Why the bull is brave?? Are humans make them angry??

Brave Bull comes from an ancient type of bulls called URO. They lived wild in spain centuries ago. Nowadays brave bull is selected, the most brave are the moms and fathers and it keep them still brave and wild.

The brave bull does not need nothing to be brave. It is naturally brave. You could see a baby bull of 1 day of live charging and demostrating how brave is a bull.


There are some studies that argues how the brave bull mood changes in a bull ring. Check it.

Learn about how the the calfs becomes a big brave bull.

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The brave bull has more than 3 centuries of history, it becomes the most ancient bovine race of the world. It preserves more than 500000 hectares in Spain. There are livestocks in Spain Portuguese, France and Latin America.


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Brave bull fighting

Brave bull fighting for the leadership.

bullfighting bull madrid

A proud animal

They fight to get a better position in the herd.