Best Madrid Stag Party. Jordan trust in us to live an incredible day between bulls. We hope they lived the best Madrid stag party with us.

The Running of the Bulls has become one of the world’s most iconic cultural traditions, the festival at Pamplona being the most famous. Picture half a dozen black fighting bulls weighing between 500kg and 600 kg each charging through narrow streets guided by a herd of steers (known as mansos) and determined not to sop for anything. And then picture crowds of young guys running along in front trying to stay ahead for as long as possible before getting out of the way. Sound exciting? You bet. Dangerous? There have been fatalities. A buzz? One that’s never to be forgotten.

If you and the lads are in Spain for a stag do then this is your chance to show what you’re made of. We’ll take you to a bull running event that’s less risky than Pamplona but will still give you a major adrenalin rush. You’ll also be mentored first so you know what’s expected and how to keep out of harm’s way. Here’s a stag event like no other, but it’s not for the faint-hearted.

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What to do in Madrid on a Stag?

Best Madrid stag party

We are local experts, come with us to live a unique experience. We teach you how to enjoy it!!.

Fun, adrenaline, food, beers, outdoor, friends… the perfect receipe to have the best Madrid stag party.