Escape the bustling streets of Madrid to embrace the essence of bullfighting at a tranquil bull ranch.

Here, amid the rustic charm of the Spanish countryside, you’ll encounter a unique and intimate experience. Donning the attire of a matador, you’ll engage in the age-old dance of bravery and skill with majestic bulls.


Guided by seasoned experts, you’ll learn the sacred rituals and techniques passed down through generations. With every graceful pass of the cape, you’ll deepen your connection to the noble animals and the profound artistry of bullfighting.


As the sun sets, casting a warm glow over the serene landscape, you’ll feel a sense of reverence for this ancient tradition. In Madrid’s bull ranches, the spirit of bullfighting thrives, offering a timeless and unforgettable encounter with Spanish culture and heritage.

Unique Experience

In Madrid, bullfighting is more than just a sport; it is a passion, a way of life that embodies the spirit of Spain itself. And whether one is a devoted aficionado or a curious observer, to witness a bullfight in the hallowed arena of Las Ventas is to partake in a tradition that has endured for centuries, a tradition that continues to captivate and inspire all who encounter it.

Come with us and live are a real bullfighting experience in Madrid. 


With us: 

  •  Visit a bull ranch.
  • Face a baby bull.
  • Feed bulls, and be a bull breeder for a day.
  • Learn about bullfighting
  • See a horse bullfighting ranch.

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