Bull Team Building Madrid Activities

Would you like to enjoy a day at country in an amazing environment.

Original Team building in Madrid

Bull Team Building Madrid Activities. We welcome enquiries from Madrid’s businesses and private individuals alike. Let us help you create a memorable and extra special event.

We can help you host your private tapas reception, corporate away day, and team building experience. Just let us know what you want to do, and our experienced events team will be at your service.

Will to Win provides exclusive facilities  in a bull ranch and special event hospitality within Madrid area.

We let you an amazing events space, provide a range of catering options for your guests. A range of food and drinks packages are available, including lunches and dinners, informal picnics and BBQs, or traditional spanish meals.

We can also help hook you up with the latest audio-visual equipment for your presentations, and Spanish live music performers.

Fighting bull ranch tour

The bullfighter experience

We will include a speach of a bullfighter, He will tell us the experience of a man who risk his life. And also the values:

– Honor and Respect.

– Brave and overcoming.

–  Fellowship.

– Sacrifice and hard work.

– Handle critical situations.

The bullfighter is also a high performance sport man, who need discipline, work and train to be focus in his work and goals. And the passion for his work. Great example of hard work 

The experience to risk his life making art , the moment of face a bull, the work of his mates in the arena. The team, his learnings and his passion for his work it something inspiring that is worth to listen.

The contact with death makes the bullfighter a special mood to live. These experiences help us to stay focus on goals, and overcome adversity.  A true story that encorage you to fight with our big fears and fight to achive our goals.

At the end we will start with some games to enforce the relathionship and have fun with our mates.


The action in the arena and team games

We need to learn and work in couples to face a baby bull. Its a vital moment of high coordination, trust and courageous. A bit of rush to enjoy a great day.

We will teach, train first and then… bullfight a little.  NO ONE ANIMAL WILL BE HURT. This an animal respectfull activity.

We will visit and feed the bulls.

We have the chance to work in the farm or just visiti the big bulls in the ranch.  And also some games to enforce the team work. Some laughs and runs for a memorable day.

Great Spanish food.

Lunch Campotoro
Private bullfight experience

We will enjoy the a great meal, with homemade food. The best ending for a great journey of team building in Madrid. contact us: CAMPOTORO.ES@GMAIL.COM