Bullfighting on horseback or mounted bullfighting.

Rejoneo experience Madrid
Rejoneo experience Madrid
Horseback Bullfighting
Horse and Bullfighting
Horseback Bullfighting Madrid
Horse Farm Bullfighting

Come to our Horse farm in Madrid. The Horse farm was founded by a “rejoneador”. What is this? In rejoneo, the rejoneador tries to show how skilled, agile, and brave they are. They do this by avoiding the bull’s charges and horns. They move sideways, jump, and do other tricky moves to stay safe and not get hurt by the bull.

Horseback bullfighting | Horse Farm Bullfighting 

Experience in a horse farm, know the bullfighting horses

The first thing you should know is that Rejoneo (horse riding bullfighting)  is considered a more specialized and less common form of bullfighting compared to traditional matador-style bullfighting. It has its own set of rules.  And is often seen as a unique and challenging art form that requires exceptional horsemanship and precise control of the horse. Rejoneo or horseback bullfighting is the most ancient bullfighting art. It was done before the traditional bullfighting on foot.

Unleash the Ultimate Adventure: The Exhilarating Fusion of Horse Farm and Bullfighting Farm Tours!

We will start exploring the horse stables and see how these amazing animals live. Then, we’ll watch a training session where the horses show off their skills. After that, brace yourself for the thrilling bullfighting show, where bulls and horses demonstrate their strength and agility.

Finally, to wrap up this unforgettable experience, we’ll indulge in some delicious tapas. Plus, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try riding a horse!

The Perfect Fusion: Horse Farm & Bulls

Step into the enchanting world of horse farms, where grace and beauty reign supreme. During our horse farm experience will transport you to a realm where humans and horses form an unbreakable bond. Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes as you witness these magnificent creatures in their natural environment.

Moreover, gain a deep appreciation for the extraordinary skills of our riders. They show the exceptional connection they share with these awe-inspiring animals.

The Pulse of Passion for horses and bullfighting

Prepare to have your adrenaline surge as we delve into the world of bullfighting. Our bullfighting farm tours provide an immersive experience that unravels the centuries-old traditions and artistry of this daring pursuit. 

Led by our expert guides, you’ll discover the captivating rituals and the intricate choreography that underlies each bullfight. Feel the energy electrify the air as the matador and the bull engage in a captivating dance of bravery and finesse. Experience the awe-inspiring spectacle firsthand.

An Unforgettable Fusion of Elegance and Thrill

This is a truly unique adventure that combines the grace of horses with the exhilaration of bullfighting.

Firstly, come see the strong and beautiful horses on our farm tours. So, get ready for excitement with a real bullfighting show. This fusion of elegance and thrill promises an experience that will leave you breathless, inspired, and forever changed.

Join us as we unveil the enchanting world of equestrian elegance and the pulse-pounding spectacle of bullfighting. With team of experts will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire experience.

Moreover, come with us to immerse yourself in this extraordinary journey alongside local people. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to witness two captivating worlds collide.

So, book your horse farm experience tour today and indulge in an adventure that will redefine your notion of excitement, beauty, and cultural heritage!