Madrid Bullfighting Tourism and events.

Madrid is a cultural city full of museums, theatrical performances, historical spaces, monuments, etc. However, it also hides lesser-known tourism and is also part of its leisure and activities agenda: bullfight tour. Madrid is the capital of the TOROS  too.

Step into the captivating world of Spanish bullfighting as we take you on a journey through the rich history and culture of this iconic spectacle. Our “Madrid Toros Tour” offers an immersive and educational experience, allowing you to delve deep into the fascinating world of toros.

Madrid Las Ventas Toros

Madrid Toros Tour 

In Madrid there is not only the cathedral of bullfighting: the emblematic Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, and  CampoToro allows us to know the ins and outs of the upbringing and care of the brave bull. The Finca CampoToro offers the possibility of enjoying a guided tour of the countryside to watch closely the same brave bulls that will later offer their bravery in the bullring.

The bullfighting tourism is not only focused on lovers of bullfighting, it is also available for all those curious people. Lovers of animals and nature who want to do a different activity in the open air and know a little more about the work they do. It is done in a cattle ranch. If you decide to go to the CampoToro farm you will find yourself traveling through a place of more than 750 hectares where you can see centuries-old holm oaks, ash trees and birds such as storks or eagles. You will be seduced by a natural environment limited by a granite stone fence extracted from the quarry located on the same property. The corrals and the plaza are also built in stone. The strength of the field is a provocation for the senses and more for people who in their day to day have no access to natural landscapes.

A great experience for your senses.

The guided tour of the farm is carried out comfortably on a vehicle suitable for the unevenness and paths of the countryside, on it you can contemplate, without danger, the most emblematic animal of Spain: the brave bull (TORO BRAVO, or TORO DE LIDIA in Spanish). The CampoToro cattle ranch houses more than 580 head of cattle that includes from the reproductive females to the yearlings of one year, to the ages of two, to the three-year-old utreros and to the bulls of 4 years and older. The visit includes a talk about the different types of bulls according to their age or coat; also, we show you the different jobs that are carried out in the farm, what the tinsel, etc. The tentadero will be another of the activities that can be contemplated by those who visit the CampoToro farm, where the bravery of the females is tested to select the most suitable to be breeders.  


Activities in our bull farm tour.


Tentadero is a small and bloodless bullfight in the ranch. The bullfighting tourism that we propose, as you see, is not limited to visiting a museum to contemplate nothing but objects of bullfighting or photographs of the most memorable moments of a run of all. The cattle ranch of CampoToro provides the opportunity to meet the protagonist of the national holiday, the brave bull, in its natural space, surrounded by other animals and workers on the farm responsible for their care. It offers the opportunity to see up close one of the noblest and most brave animals at the same time: the beautiful brave bull.

Toreo de Salon

Immerse yourself in the world of toros even further with an optional bullfighting masterclass, where you can learn the basic techniques and maneuvers under the guidance of skilled professionals. Experience the adrenaline rush and gain a newfound appreciation for the artistry and athleticism involved in this ancient tradition.


Experience the thrill of Madrid´s bullfighting tradition with our exclusive “Madrid Toros tour”!

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