Become a weekend matador in Madrid and work out which end of the bull you are coming from. Organising a Madrid baby bull fight (or baby bull run) just for your group is the a must stag weekend activity in Spain. All in all it is an ultra-adrenalin day out in Madrid for a group looking for an exciting and unique activity.

girl baby bull running

Baby bull fight is funiest activity in Madrid

Make your stag unforgettable


Show your stag friends and the world at large what a true torero you are. Should we call this “bullfighting lessons in Madrid” ? Hemingway would have approved, and if you are looking to get started with the cape, this is the one for you. We will teach you the easiest tricks to do it. You wont regret it to do this baby bullfight. You will never forget the feel to face a real brave bull.

Baby bull running Madrid

How to organise a baby bull fight in Madrid:

  • Available all year (ask us for availability).
  • This activity is approximately a 4-hour day out, usually beginning with a pick up at your hotel about midday. The activity is held on an authentic bull ranch near Madrid.
  • Welcome drinks, lunch and drinks during lunch are included.
  • Minimum group size: there is no minimum,
  • Baby Bulls and Adult Balls: participants take part at their own risk. It is your responsibility to take reasonable precautions to avoid injuries like twisted ankles or bruises. And if you follow our instructions you will enjoy it in a safe way.

Madrid Baby Bull Fight | tips, do’s and dont’s

  • Bull running in Madrid usually happens on Saturdays or Sundays, but depending on your group size can take place on most days of the week.
  • This activity can be organised all year.
  • Want to see a REAL bull fight while you are in Spain ? Check out Madrid bullfighting services.
  • Baby bull fighting is with a young cow or bull. This is not “real” bull sports. The animal is not hurt.
  • You should be prudent and sober however, as you could get bruised or twist an ankle.
  • Our packages include a full lunch and transport, but we can also offer this activity without lunch or transport.

Madrid baby bull running is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A treat for temporary toreros. A “Madrid capea” is a traditional and uniquely Spanish way to celebrate a special occasion. And to a get a horn perilously  near your bottom. In classic Spain style lots of food and drink are included.

NO ANIMALS ARE HARMED – WE ARE ACTIVE OPPONENTS OF CRUEL SPORTS.  No animals are harmed here. We are bull breeders and we take care of the bulls, and you. ;-).


In France it is like the TORO PISCINE. We do the Toro Piscine Madrid. We have all ingredients… bulls, fun, and toro piscine. We have serveral games with the bull like the TORO PISCINE

Your mate the matador

For stag organisers who want to bathe in the respect and admiration of their group (admit it, that’s you…), this introduction  to a real bull-running Madrid capea just has to be the one. You’ll learn a lot about becoming a bullfighter and taking on those brave bulls. Our Bull Running package includes a great Spanish BBQ sitting outdoors including beer and wine. All in all this is a hilarious and unusual Madrid  activity. You’ll spend at least one hour bullfighting. Or, actually, running away from a baby bull or cow. The bull farm staff are on hand to keep you, and bully, in line.

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