Madrid Best Family Bullfighting Tour, Great family travel means different things to different people. There’s budget to consider, destination, the age of your children, and the type of travellers you are – do you want to fly and flop or scale the highest peak you can find?. 

We give you the chance to discover bullfighting world in a familiar and natural way.  Visiting a brave bull ranch, to see bulls at freedom. You can spend all day with us, and see a bloodless show of recortadores. People who jumps over the bull. You can see the brave bull in action In a recortadores show

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Love Animals? So we do. Here at CampoToro experiences we have a passion and reputation for creating the best respecfull and natural experiences with bulls. 

Family Tour, Fun for everybody

The kids can feed the bulls, and discover the natural breeding of brave bulls. We will have games also, to enjoy a perfect day outdoor. We have the best facilities in  Madrid. See our TripAdvisor reviews or our YouTube Channel.

A bit of nature to escape of city. You can discover that the brave bull breeding is very respectfull with the animal and preserve huge areas of dehesa. An article of “El mundo” newpaper tell us more about the impact of the brave bull in the spanish ecosystem. Article

We are in the pasture, a unique ecosystem with special weight in the Iberian Peninsula. Its origin is found in the transformation of Mediterranean forests, from which part of its wooded mass is removed, to turn them into a territory that combines agricultural activity, with forest, livestock and hunting. Hence they are places of great biodiversity. They are also home to the brave bull. Madrid is the Spanish province with the most farms, and the territory with the largest number of brave bulls in the world. It is, therefore, a good place to know and enjoy the ecosystem and, above all, what they say is the most noble animal despite its bravery. This province holds natural treasures of incalculable value.

The proposed Toro Bravo Route runs through Madrid and surrounding area of ​​the capital, areas of scenic, artistic and cultural interest. The uniqueness of the image of the brave bull in its natural environment, an unusual beauty print, can be enjoyed in any of these farms. You can also know first-hand the breeding of the brave bull, enjoy a rich and unique ecosystem, and delight the sense of taste with any of the gastronomic delicacies offered by this land.

What we are going to do??

After being collected from the meeting point, your half-day tour Brave Bull Ranch in Madrid experience will begin. We’ll admire one of the most mythical animals of the world: the brave bull. His magnificent beauty and mysterious personality has been present in arts, history and anthropology from ancient times. A native and exclusive animal from Spain, we offer an unparalleled experience: away from the spectacle, we concentrate around his harmony with the environment and his relationship with men.

You can discover the deep impact of the brave bull in the Spanish environment. It preserves huge natural areas and helps to activate rural areas.

This tour will allow us to closely observe dozens of brave bulls that live in the pasture. We will have a unique opportunity to see the animal in its natural habitat, understand the symbolism of brave bulls and their historical role since the 15th century. Before going back to Madrid, we will enjoy a small tasty aperitif before returning to Madrid.

And the kids will enjoy feeding the bulls and learning about this amazing animal.

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