Things to do in Madrid on a stag.

Things to do in Madrid on a Stag.

Are you looking for things to do in Madrid on a stag party. You are in the right place. The best authentic plan is to be a real bullfighter for a day.

We are experts in make unique experiences. You will never forget it your Spanish stag party. The perfect plan to warm up for the night.

Richard trusted in us, and enjoyed an unforgettable day. 

We started with a demonstration with experts with bulls. They did Jumping, runs, swerves and other tricks with a powerfull bull. Then it was the turn of Richard friends, they could play with baby bulls. They were very brave. And to finish the morning we ate a fabolous barbecue to gather strength.

At the afternoon we played games, visit the ranch and tried to become a bullfighters. The groom was a bit scared, but he done it excellent.