Toro Tour Madrid

In CampoToro Bull Experiences,  we strive to convey to the customers the elegance and style of Spanish culture, and a substantial part of it is related to the bullfighting world. For those who want to live this old Spanish tradition Madrid Experience has designed a VIP tour focused on the world of bullfighting. A Toro Bravo Tour Madrid Experience offers you an exclusive immersion in bullfighting at the hands of a bullfighting farmer. In this bullfighting VIP tour you will meet one of the most famous bullfighters of the moment and, how could it be otherwise, you can observe a few meters away hundreds of brave bulls. This bullfighting VIP tour will take you to visit a private cattle ranch. You will know its owner and feel the strength, character and nature of the bulls of first hand. Our VIP tour will take you in an enabled vehicle to where these magnificent animals graze in unison with their natural surroundings. It is a true photo safari! During your visit to bullfighting livestock, you will learn about the commitment to work and raise brave animals, about the temptation, you will see mother cows in different gestation states and their small calves, the stallions, “fathers” of livestock, noble and robust and we will surround ourselves with the bulls of sac, selected and separated for future fighting. As part of this bullfighting experience, CampoToro also offers you the chance to meet a renowned bullfighter, who will tell you his thoughts, dreams, concerns and his own way of facing fear and overcoming it during the visit. One of those significant and unique encounters that you will not forget in your entire life. A true luxury experience. “Being a bullfighter, above all, is an attitude, a way of understanding life and facing death. It confronts us with our universe, with our destiny, with our fears and uncertainties. ” As part of the VIP bullfighting tour, during the visit to the cattle ranch you can taste traditional Spanish cuisine with local ingredients. Sit at the table to enjoy an abundant country meal, chatting about the experiences of the day. And if you wish, to make the day even more unforgettable, Madrid Experience offers you the unique opportunity to share a place with a bullfighting teacher. A professional from the world of bulls will supervise your exit to the ring, giving you basic advice so that this fantastic sensation becomes a truly unforgettable experience of your passage through the world of bulls and the culture that surrounds it.

Or you can train with a young bullfighter and share the experience to face a bull. We can help you to live an unique experience.