Tour to watch bullfighting bulls in freedom

Tour to watch bullfighting bulls. The realm of the oak and the pasture is also the realm of the bull. We offer attendees the opportunity to discover in a privileged way guided by professionals. These professionals are: the head shepherd, the cowboys and the stockbreeder. Watch bullfighting bulls, is a one lifetime experience.


The bull

In the Mediterranean area, as well in the Oriental area, the bull has always had a symbolical value. An animal admired by all civilizations through history. Bulls are animals that carry a special symbolism that expresses universal feelings: beauty, strength, elegance, mystery, power, fertility… The fierce bull have had a main role in art, history and anthropology during several periods and cultures.

A majestic and arcana experience, a journey reserved for a few, that now has at your disposal. A unique sensation that will awaken emotions long held to the nature of man in his relationship with the animal.

Face the look of a bullfight bull and feel the connection that is established with the most hidden of its identity, its myth. An animal that is born with an exceptional destination  and that of the pasture goes to the square to give the best of its instinct.

The Tour

The tour is about 3 hours long. You will see the bulls very close and you will learn about the breeding, the historical origins of the bullfighting in Spain. Furthermore, you could also taste some typical spanish dishes.

Enjoy an ecosystem in which are intermixed meadows, totem animals such as bull and horse, art and gastronomy … We want your experience to be complete and unforgettable, to fix indelible images in your memory. Connect with your most ancient self, the closest to nature and the forms of rural and traditional lives.

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