Madrid Capea. In bullfighting, a capea is a celebration in which bullfighters  participate in bullfighting without killing them. They often organize at festivals in different towns or in stag parties. Capea is also knowed as baby bull running. 

Without a doubt, if you are thinking of doing any fun activity and country at the same time, the capeas are the best choice. The last trend in parties with good weather are the capeas. Outdoor parties where leisure and fun reigns.

Steps to organize a capea

First of all is to agree with the friends to choose the date, it is usually more complicated to decide the date to organize the capea. We recommend Saturdays, because it is an intense day in the countryside, and so have Sunday to rest.

Regarding the day of the capea we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The day will be long. The comfort will be an important factor. Not only for the duration of the party but because you are of the brave that decide to fight the heifer. Dressing with something comfortable will be your best ally.

We have not talked about food or drink. Barbecues usually reign these days and sangria and mojito also, yes, drinking responsibly since you can not be under the effects of alcohol.  Because of the negative consequences that this can trigger if you catch the heifer clear.

If you opt for the capeas, respect for the animals should not be lacking. It will be one of your forms of fun of the day, we can guarantee that the laughter is assured. Although as we say with respect, neither mistreatment nor similar acts. If you have any doubts about how to organize a capea, you just have to contact Our team will give you and your friends all the information you need to organize a capea in conditions where the fun and safe is assured.

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Its a lifetime experience, come and live the adrenaline facing a bull.

Live the bull experience.

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