Private tour Bullfighting experience Madrid is a different way to introduce you into bullfighting world.

This is not the typical tour. This is an experience with local people, with bullbreeders, and proffesionals. We visit a brave bull ranch to know how the brave bull is breeding, and to start to get in touch with the culture of the bull. 

In our visit you can taste local homemade dishes, and tapas. 

You will train like a matador, and at the end you can face a baby bull with our help. 

Feel the adrenaline, feel the pasion is the best way to understand this ancient tradition. 

This is a bloodless activity none animal would be hurt.

Bullfighting Experience Madrid
Bullfighting Experience Madrid

Bullfighting Experience Madrid

We will be with you to teach you and to show you how to do it. You wont forget it.

Go with local guide, and discover this private world. You wont regret it this bullfighting experience.

how to baby bull running

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In our training we will start without bull, doing bullfighting with a bike bull, to learn the tecnic. Bullfighting is very demanding, and we have to warm up befor to face the bull. 

Madrid Bullfighting Experience
Toreo Experience

You can customize your Bullfighting experience Madrid with a bullleaping show, baby bull running for all your friends,  visit the cattle or take a private leessons of bullfighting.