How to baby bull running.

Hugo and friends lived a great experience with us!. They started visiting the ranch and eating a great meal, in our main saloon.

They were a bit nervous about baby bullfighting, but we teach them how to baby bull running.  They were very brave… and all of them have fun with the bulls.

The bullfighter is called a recortador who, with the sole help of his body or with some simple device such as a pole-like pole, skillfully performs pirouettes before the onslaught of the bull or heifer, such as cuts, jumps or bursts. laterals adjusting to the waist the bulls of bulls. It is done without a layer or tied to the arm. This type of bullfighting that is presented as a show is a centuries-old tradition that has its origin in Spain that began with the first bullfighting and is held in popular festivities in streets or squares of bulls, there are also contests to name the best trimmer. It takes a lot of skill to perform this prodigy of value, physical form and sportsmanship.

We teach you in both stiles, with cape like a bullfighter and without, like a recortador.  But you have to follow our advices also. It gonna be an unforgettable experience. And we will play games with the bulls, and other surprises…

Baby bull running is a traditional Spanish experience and offers everything you would want from a stag event: adrenaline, amusing, unique and best of all a real treat for the groom-to-be (or maybe not!). A true unique experience in Madrid.

how to baby bull running

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