Madrid Bullfight experience. We had a great day with our friends from Ireland, Britain, Turkey and Hungary. Tony was prepared a great stag to his dear brother,and he trust in us. They were very excited to bullfighting and the oportunity to be a bullfighter for a day . We started playing several games, but the main dish were the bulls. A little talk to start and they feel very confortable with the heifers. It was a very hot day but we enjoyed it a lot. 

Our team was always taking after of the group to have a great Madrid Bullfight Experience. You only have to follow our bull running advices. 

Almost everybody tried to run the baby bulls, with our advices. Feel the pasion, adrenaline and have fun with your friends and enjoy a day outdoor.

But the day is not all bulls, we have inflatables to have fun, a great barbecue and open  bar of beer & sangria. Come with us to live an incredible experience.

Madrid Bullfight Experience

Madrid Bullfight experience