Live your Spanish Squid game experience.

Squid Game

Madrid Squid game experience. Come with us and live the squid game experience in a Spanish way. 

A fun expercience to live a little of the Spanish culture, and all the the rush and adrenaline of the squid game.

First Game:“Red Light, Green Light,”

In the Spanish game, we use a bull as judge. If you move the bull is going to “eliminate you”. 

Bulls go to movement, this is the reason why a bullfighter move his cape and keep him still and calm.  If you move it a bad you… you will be eliminated of the game.

Camino al toro

 The basic rule is not to move when the bull is looking you. Two teams, and only on can win.


You have to move it in the proper way to avoid the bull. 

Game 2: The biscuit.

The second game in the series has the players choose between four shapes before knowing what their choices might entail. These are circle, triangle, star, and umbrella. What no one realizes is that the simpler the shape, the easier it will be to beat the game. You see, whatever shape is chosen will be the indented figure that the player will have to chip out of a honeycomb with nothing at their disposal but a needle. If anyone cracks or breaks the shape, he or she is shot. And they’re under a time limit, of course. Most of those who chose the umbrella are screwed, of course.

We will give you a biscuit and you have to keep it saved and complete during all the baby bull running. Feel the rush of this Madrid Squid game experience.

Third Game: Tug of War

The third game of the show is the old-fashioned game of tug of war. Two teams pull on either side of a rope, until one team is pulled across the center. Unfortunately, the center here is a drop of about a thousand feet. Those with the strongest team members keep winning, until Gi-hun’s team is up. They’re by far the weaker of the two teams playing, but wise, old Player 001 advises that Tug of War is about more than raw strength, but strategy as well. A good leader is needed at the front to focus on how the other team is doing. At the end of the rope, you need someone “strong and dependable, like the anchor of a ship.” Further, the team should be arranged so that each player in the row is on the opposite side of the rope than the ones behind and in front of them. Both feet should be facing forward, and the rope should be held in their armpits. For the first ten seconds of the game, the team should lean back as far as they can and hold their positions this way. This winds up frustrating and tiring out the other team.

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