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The province of Madrid is home to up to 20 cattle farms – and whose origins date back thousands of years to classical Greece.

We only need 40 min to get the ranch form city centre.

Brave bull ranch Madrid

Through our Private Tour of Madrid Bullfighting experience you will discover the essence of the so-called ‘National Party’ that has one of its greatest exponents of Spanish Culture & Tradition.

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Madrid Bullfighting Experience

In CampoToro we strive to convey to the customers the elegance and style of Spanish culture, and a substantial part of it is related to the bullfighting world. For those who want to live this ancient Spanish tradition Madrid Experience has designed a VIP tour focused on the world of bullfighting.

Live and participate

We not only want to show you the secrets of the brave bull, we also want you to live the experience. Discover the importance of being a bullfighter, feel the adrenaline of putting on a calf’s apron and ridding the attacks with our help

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Madrid Bullfighter Experience
bullfight Madrid experience

You will receive a bullfighting training from professionals who will help you live the experience safely. An experience you will not forget, you will be the bullfighter.

You could also see a show

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You can also witness a bullfighting show. You can see a “tienta” that is the most important selection test of a cattle ranch, where bullfighters train and the farmer selects future mothers. Or you can witness a spectacle of bull leapers where jumps and acobacias will delight all audiences.