Madrid Bullfighter Experience

Madrid has many different activities, but just one unique. Madrid Bullfighter Experience.

Brave bull and bullfighting identifies our country. We show you this ancient cultural ritual from inside.

We make amazing experiences around the brave bull. We are very respectful with this amazing animal. All of our experiences are bloodless. Our policy of respect the animal as the main resource of our experiences. We believe that bullfigting has to change and we create another way to enjoy this piece of our culture.

We spend all day between bulls. You can see them as close as posible and feed them also. An incredible experience to enjoy nature and bulls. The best choice for families.

The most fun experience. You have the chance to run baby bulls. But be carefull to avoid the angry bulls.

Our best experience, cultural and fun. In a luxury ranch, enjoy a bloodless show of “recortadores”. And good luck with the baby bulls.

Tapas Tour and Baby bull running at afternoon. A great experience also.

We will be with you to see a real bullfighting show. We explain you all details.

Visinting a brave bull ranch on a horse. Amazing!