Bullfighting Tour Madrid

One of the most attractive tourist activities in the market. Since always, Spain has had a tourist market, complete, attractive and varied, but the symbolism that accompanies the brand Spain has been, this and will be linked to 3 of its great bastions:




Why not join them all, and be able to enjoy them in a pleasant day. To do this in the “CampoToro” ranch, located in Madrid, a tanning only 35 minutes from the center of Madrid, and just 20 minutes from the airport, we put at your disposal a wide range of possibilities and offers, to be able enjoy the brave bull in all its splendor It is a tourist package, intended for both foreign and national tourists. To know and enjoy the brave bull a few feet away, enter this exciting world or reach an authentic bullfighter, with our theoretical-practical classes. In short, a cluster of unparalleled sensations, an unprecedented dose of adrenaline and above all a unique and exclusive activity available to everyone.

Bullfighting Tour Madrid , Guided tour of the livestock facilities, with detailed explanations. Thanks to which you can observe the Bravo Bull in its natural habitat, a few meters, cows belly, oxen, horses and other animals that are in our facilities. A privileged position and a unique view, which will make you feel special emotions. One of the most fascinating, attractive and exclusive activities that can be done in the world and that can only be enjoyed in this environment.

Capea, traditional Spanish festival, in which you can feel like an authentic bullfighter, you can show your skills in front of two heifers. For anyone who does not know this world, this supposes a unique experience, with a dose of incomparable adrenaline, that they will want to repeat. For this activity, our professional team will always be on the lookout and taking care of our guests.