Bullfighting on horseback or mounted bullfighting.

Rejoneo is a traditional style of bullfighting that originated in Spain. It is also known as “mounted bullfighting” or “bullfighting on horseback.” In rejoneo, the matador, called a rejoneador, faces the bull while riding a horse. The rejoneador uses a specialized saddle and a set of long and short spears called rejones to perform various maneuvers and engage with the bull.

The rejoneador’s objective in rejoneo is to demonstrate their skill, agility, and bravery while avoiding the bull’s charges and horns. They perform a series of movements, such as lateral jumps, pirouettes, and other evasive maneuvers, to avoid being gored by the bull. 

Horseback bullfighting | Horse Farm Bullfighting 

Rejoneo is considered a more specialized and less common form of bullfighting compared to traditional matador-style bullfights. It has its own set of rules.  And is often seen as a unique and challenging art form that requires exceptional horsemanship and precise control of the horse. Rejoneo or horseback Bullfighting is the most ancient bullfighting art. It was done before than the traditional bullfighting on foot.