Do you want to live the best and unique Spanish experience?

Baby bull running is the best thing to do for stags do in Madrid. You will have open bar,  barbecue, beers at outdoors, games, and adrenaline.  Its a great mix of culture, sun and spanish great ambient.

Come with us to discover how to be a bullfighter for a day. We will teach you how to face a bull and help you to enjoy the activity.  Mail us at

Come and live our Fun and crazy stag do in Madrid.

Looking for a fun and crazy stag do in Madrid that promises a unique experience? Look no further than the heart-pounding thrill of baby bull running! Imagine this: you and your mates, decked out in traditional white attire, standing in the midst of a historic brave bull ranch, ready to take on the exhilarating challenge.

As the gates open, adrenaline courses through your veins as you dash alongside playful baby bulls, each moment filled with excitement and laughter. It’s a blend of tradition, adventure, and pure joy, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

This isn’t just any stag do activity—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that bonds friends, creates unforgettable memories, and unleashes your inner daredevil. So, gather your crew, prepare for the thrill ride of a lifetime, and make your Madrid stag do an epic tale to remember!

You will enjoy it with our advices.

Come and live Stag do with bulls in Madrid

We had a great day with Charlie and friends, doing baby bull running in Madrid.