Brave bull ranch Madrid, a unique experience to know the brave bull. Come and discover the real life of a brave bull. Miths, nature, pasion, culture and tradition. The king of the Spanish culture.

Our visit consists of an authentic country day, visiting both our farm and our bull ranch. We make the personalized visit, according to the number of people and following your interests and depending on the time of the year. The purpose of our visit to the Livestock of Bulls Braves, is to show the breeding and feeding of animals, and to see our farm and facilities. Depending on the time of the year, and when these animals are on the farm, they can also enjoy watching horses, donkeys, calves with their mothers …

What to bring to the visit of the brave bull ranch?

  • Comfortable clothes, appropriate to the weather conditions.
  • Warm clothes if necessary.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Gloves and hat of your choice.
  • Canteen or bottle for water.
  • Sun protection.

What time is better to visit a brave bull ranch?

We have activities all year, but the country are more green in winter and spring. You could see baby bull breasting with his mothers.

How much time do you need to visiting a brave bull ranch?

You will need mid day. You can do it in the mooring or in the afternoon and if you want to include any other activity, you can spend all day with us. We make home made meals for our guests.  The ranch is about 30 min far from Madrid.


CampoToro Brave bull ranch Madrid

We have the best comodities in Madrid to show you the brave bull.

How much does it cost?

We make a tailored package for each group, and it depends on your group and what activities do you want to do it.  Contact us at to send you a quotation.