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Take a look to our YouTube Channel.  You can find some videos about our activities. 

Brave bull ranch tour

Baby bull running Madrid

Recortadores, bull leapers.


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Madrid between bullfighting bulls

Madrid Bullfighting Experience
Madrid Bullfight experience

You can not miss the opportunity to know a brave bull ranch. The power fierce and brave.


Madrid between bullfighting bulls. Come to discover the pirvate world of the brave bull.

The live of the brave bull in a brave bull ranch.

The fighting bull is a gregarious animal, which finds safety and refuge in a herd. After birth, and before weaning, the calf will live eight or nine months fed and protected by its mother. Since their sexual maturity occurs at approximately 16 months, soon after the year males and females are separated, who, from that moment, will live in different enclosures. The different ages are named with specific names: yearlings (one year), erales (two years), utreros (three years), cuatreños (four years) and cinqueños (five years).

Brave bull is based on selection

Fighting cattle, of breeds distinct from cattle farmed for eating, are raised on specialized ranches. The breeder determines which bulls will fight, by selection of which cows will be selected to breed and which ones will be slaughtered. The meet is hard but very natural and tasty.

Most of the time, the bulls’ moms (cows) are tested for their fighting qualities, partly because some people speculate that a bull’s fighting qualities are inherited from the mother.  In addition, ranchers are hesitant to physically test bulls’ fighting abilities because they can fight only once; after a bull has fought, it retains “instinctive memories” of the fight, and its behavior changes.

In such a test, known as a “tienta,” a matador puts the cow through her paces, using a cape and typical bullfighting maneuvers. The matador looks for an animal that charges the cape in a sustained and somewhat predictable way, he added. After these tests, cows are selected to breed, and the others are sent to be slaughtered. The male healthy offspring of the selected cows will fight, entering the ring at age 4 or 5….

Come, and visit a brave bull ranch to discover the brave bull at freedom.

Contact us at We are professionals to teach you all details about bullfighting bulls. We can show you the best brave bull ranches in Madrid.

Family bull tour

Faboulous trip for all the family.

We just returned home last night for an excellent trip ….

I cannot thank you enough for the great experience you arranged for us during our stay in Madrid!


Ed Martin



Visit a Brave bull ranch in Madrid

visit bull ranch Madrid
Bullfight ecologic
Madrid exclusive tour

The province of Madrid is home to up to 20 cattle farms – and whose origins date back thousands of years to classical Greece.

We only need 40 min to get the ranch form city centre.

Brave bull ranch Madrid

Through our Private Tour of Madrid Bullfighting experience you will discover the essence of the so-called ‘National Party’ that has one of its greatest exponents of Spanish Culture & Tradition.

Bullfight tour Madrid
Madrid Bullfighting Experience

In CampoToro we strive to convey to the customers the elegance and style of Spanish culture, and a substantial part of it is related to the bullfighting world. For those who want to live this ancient Spanish tradition Madrid Experience has designed a VIP tour focused on the world of bullfighting.

Live and participate

We not only want to show you the secrets of the brave bull, we also want you to live the experience. Discover the importance of being a bullfighter, feel the adrenaline of putting on a calf’s apron and ridding the attacks with our help

how to baby bull running
Madrid Bullfighter Experience
bullfight Madrid experience

You will receive a bullfighting training from professionals who will help you live the experience safely. An experience you will not forget, you will be the bullfighter.

You could also see a show

Bull leaping Madrid
Toreo Experience
Madrid Demonstration
recortadores Madrid

You can also witness a bullfighting show. You can see a “tienta” that is the most important selection test of a cattle ranch, where bullfighters train and the farmer selects future mothers. Or you can witness a spectacle of bull leapers where jumps and acobacias will delight all audiences.

Experiencias en el campo bravo de Madrid

Vive una experiencia única y conoce el campo madrileño a través de las ganaderías de toro de lidia de la región, de manos de profesionales y amantes del toro.  es una iniciativa que tiene como objetivo fomentar el conocimiento del toro de lidia en su hábitat natural.

La dehesa madrileña, en la que los animales se crían en libertad con mínima presencia humana.

Defender este modo de crianza unico y respetuoso con el entorno y el animal.

La cría del toro de lidia es una actividad tradicional que contribuye a la conservación de los ecosistemas y al aumento de la biodiversidad, así como, a fijar la población en el medio rural.

Bullfight ecologic

Se pueden visitar ganaderías madrileñas de diferentes encastes, algunas de las cuales se encuentran entre las principales de toro de lidia de ámbito nacional. Aparte de poder admirar de cerca los toros, si optas por esta forma diferente y ecológica de conocer el campo madrileño, podrás disfrutar de su gastronomía y de sus instalaciones, únicas y adaptadas a tus necesidades, que te garantizan una experiencia inolvidable.

Visiting Brave Bull Ranch Madrid

Brave bull ranch Madrid, a unique experience to know the brave bull. Come and discover the real life of a brave bull. Miths, nature, pasion, culture and tradition. The king of the Spanish culture.

Our visit consists of an authentic country day, visiting both our farm and our bull ranch. We make the personalized visit, according to the number of people and following your interests and depending on the time of the year. The purpose of our visit to the Livestock of Bulls Braves, is to show the breeding and feeding of animals, and to see our farm and facilities. Depending on the time of the year, and when these animals are on the farm, they can also enjoy watching horses, donkeys, calves with their mothers …

What to bring to the visit of the brave bull ranch?

  • Comfortable clothes, appropriate to the weather conditions.
  • Warm clothes if necessary.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Gloves and hat of your choice.
  • Canteen or bottle for water.
  • Sun protection.

What time is better to visit a brave bull ranch?

We have activities all year, but the country are more green in winter and spring. You could see baby bull breasting with his mothers.

How much time do you need to visiting a brave bull ranch?

You will need mid day. You can do it in the mooring or in the afternoon and if you want to include any other activity, you can spend all day with us. We make home made meals for our guests.  The ranch is about 30 min far from Madrid.


CampoToro Brave bull ranch Madrid

We have the best comodities in Madrid to show you the brave bull.

How much does it cost?

We make a tailored package for each group, and it depends on your group and what activities do you want to do it.  Contact us at to send you a quotation.

Madrid Recortadores a good alternative to Bullfighting.

Madrid Recortadores, A show to everybody.

Madrid Recortadores

Madrid Recortadores.  When Bullpen is open, the beast is in the arena and the pasion and adreline flows inside of Recortadores. A bloodless show where people do his best performance facing the bull to get a position in the big final. As a result is getting popular againt the traditional Madrid bullfighting. A man leaping a bull is always amazing.

What is a Madrid recotadores contest?

The Madrid recortadores contest is a bullfighting show where participants face several bulls or heifers, in turns, and make all kinds of cuts, jumps and bankruptcies on the animal, in order to participate in the bull at the last moment and risk the maximum to take the trophy.

There is a judge to evaluate each member. Its a fine art, they have to do it with art, risk and emotions. Its is not a sport it is a pasion. 

However, a good bullfighting alternative can be the activity of the so-called trimmers, bullfighters who only with their body (or simple gadgets such as capes or sticks like poles) perform skillful pirouettes before the onslaught of bulls or heifers (calling the bull of front, going out to meet him and cut the trip face and going backwards); jumps over (the angel, feet together, the rifle or the mortal), or lateral bankruptcies (wait for the arrival of the bull and deceive him with a waist movement, still waiting for his onslaught or the race going out to meet him), being the best cut is that the bullfighter remains more stopped after passing the bull.

How old is it?

A type of bullfighting of centuries-old tradition in Spain (the first bullfighting in popular festivities in streets or bullfights), there are also competitions to name the best trimmers (in value, fitness and sportsmanship).

Where you can see Madrid Recortadores?

A common practice throughout the Ebro riverbank (Navarra and Aragon), the Basque Country, Madrid and Valencia (where they are a large part of the most prominent trimmers) and that is not criticized by animal organizations or sensitive people, in not being damaged the animals and, in addition, assuming a confrontation between human and animal in equal conditions, with several modalities in this regard: the Free Trimming contest (in front of several bulls in turns, with all kinds of cuts, jumps and breaks on the animal, for cheat you at the last moment risking the maximum to achieve the trophy); the Cortes contest (same but only with cuts, and deeply rooted in Castilla-León and northern Spain); or the contest of trimmers with rings (usually in pairs in front of the bull or heifer by lottery to place rings on the antlers or pythons, being the winner the couple with more rings in the assigned period of time, usually 3 minutes).

They dont really earn a lot of money, they do it as a hobbie.

Madrid Bull experiences

In conclusion, If you come with us, you will have the chance to face a baby bull. It is not easy. 

But we will give you our best advices and trainning to do it. This is really an unique experience, that you have to do it with real experts, in a great ranch, in the north of Madrid. 

We have shows of Madrid recortadores all year with Spanish champions of Recortes. Its one of the best Madrid bullfighting experiences. We can offer you more experiences like:

Mail us to and ask about our bull experiences.

Bullfighting Experience Madrid

Private tour Bullfighting experience Madrid is a different way to introduce you into bullfighting world.

This is not the typical tour. This is an experience with local people, with bullbreeders, and proffesionals. We visit a brave bull ranch to know how the brave bull is breeding, and to start to get in touch with the culture of the bull. 

In our visit you can taste local homemade dishes, and tapas. 

You will train like a matador, and at the end you can face a baby bull with our help. 

Feel the adrenaline, feel the pasion is the best way to understand this ancient tradition. 

This is a bloodless activity none animal would be hurt.

Bullfighting Experience Madrid
Bullfighting Experience Madrid

Bullfighting Experience Madrid

We will be with you to teach you and to show you how to do it. You wont forget it.

Go with local guide, and discover this private world. You wont regret it this bullfighting experience.

how to baby bull running

Contact us at for more information.

In our training we will start without bull, doing bullfighting with a bike bull, to learn the tecnic. Bullfighting is very demanding, and we have to warm up befor to face the bull. 

Madrid Bullfighting Experience
Toreo Experience

You can customize your Bullfighting experience Madrid with a bullleaping show, baby bull running for all your friends,  visit the cattle or take a private leessons of bullfighting.

Fernando Peña, camada 2019

Fundada en 1870 por don Jacinto Trespalacios con reses del Marqués de la Conquista, y que posteriormente eliminó éstas y la formó con reses de Veragua. Heredada por su sobrino, el Conde de Trespalacios, en 1913 se la vendió a don Matías Sánchez Cobaleda y en 1929 se dividió entre sus hijos. Una parte le correspondió a don Arturo Sánchez y Sánchez, que en 1934 eliminó las reses de Trespalacios y la formó con vacas y sementales adquiridos a Infante da Cámara, procedencia don José Martinho Alves do Río, quien la formó con reses de Tamarón. En 1989 falleció don Arturo anunciándose a nombre de sus herederos. En 1990 fue adquirida por la Compañía de Inversiones Palomarejos, S.A. En 1991 se adquieren vacas y sementales de las ganaderías de “Manolo González” y “González Sánchez-Dalp”, eliminando posteriormente la anterior procedencia. En 1995 se agregan vacas y sementales procedentes de “Torrestrella”.



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