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Things to do in Madrid on a stag.

Things to do in Madrid on a stag.

Things to do in Madrid on a Stag.

Are you looking for things to do in Madrid on a stag party. You are in the right place. The best authentic plan is to be a real bullfighter for a day.

We are experts in make unique experiences. You will never forget it your Spanish stag party. The perfect plan to warm up for the night.

Richard trusted in us, and enjoyed an unforgettable day. 

We started with a demonstration with experts with bulls. They did Jumping, runs, swerves and other tricks with a powerfull bull. Then it was the turn of Richard friends, they could play with baby bulls. They were very brave. And to finish the morning we ate a fabolous barbecue to gather strength.

At the afternoon we played games, visit the ranch and tried to become a bullfighters. The groom was a bit scared, but he done it excellent.

The running of the bulls Madrid 2017 |

The running of the bulls Madrid.

The running of the bulls Madrid. It was a sunny and hot day, and they were nervous for the first contact with bulls, and for the running of the bulls Madrid. We went in a ranch in Toledo, near of Madrid. A nice place to introduce into the running of the bulls.

We played some games to warm up, and have fun too. We started visiting the ranch and with some advices about bulls, and some tricks.

It was the time, Kush and friends were ready for the running of the bulls. And we started to run three baby bulls. The first time we ran a bit far from the bull but in the second chance we ran as close as to feel the adrenaline.

They became very brave with bulls, and they enjoyed a unique bull experience with us.

We met a very nice people, and it was a perfect day for both.

What to do in Madrid on a Stag?

What to do in Madrid on a Stag?

What to do in Madrid on a Stag?. There are a lot of stag plans … but no one more authentic, spanish, amazing, exciting and fun as a Capea. Games, nature, outdoors, and bulls. We have a lot of experience organizing this events with real local experts to introduce you how to bullfighting. You only have to contact us.

James trusted in us to celebrate a baby bull running with his friends for his stag party. We choose an incredible ranch in the mountains, with bullring and pool.

A sunny day, plenty of fun with friends. We enjoy the pool, and a barbecue plenty of meat. The monitors show how to baby bull running.

Visit a bullfight bull Ranch in Madrid

Live a day outdoor visiting bullfight bull Ranch in Madrid.

Visit a bullfight bull Ranch in Madrid. We spend a good day, Knowing the bullfight bulls, and his cares. The breeders, show us how to manage the bulls and cows. They guide the livestock to the corrals, and separate them to check and vaccinate them.

Visit a bullfight bull Ranch in Madrid

 The Livestock farmers cuts their horns to prevent accidents in their fights. Specially in the birth time, it is showed in the next video. Bigs and babys, have received the cares before to come back to the countryside.

Visit a bullfight bull Ranch in Madrid

To Finish the day, we visit the big bulls, which were pacing, in the dehesa. And the perfect ending, we ate a tasty barbecue with plenty of meat, sausages, black pudding and chorizo from the area. 

Transfer from Madrid to our farm from a collection point agreed with the client. The Livestock is 40 minutes from the center of the capital.

Visit the farm to see our facilities. We will start the walking tour through the cattle care area, where we will tell you about the commitment to work with brave animals: veterinary surveillance, transportation, shoeing … From the chiqueros we will go down to the Plaza de Tientas. The tempt is one of the most important tests performed on cattle to measure their strength and bravery. We will continue the journey to the Hermitage in honor of our Patron San Isidro. This corner plays a very important role, since religious feeling is very present in the world of bullfighting.

Come and live the bull experience!

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Bull & Games, Madrid funny stag party

Games Stag Party Madrid.

EN – Games Stag Party Madrid. We receive our friends from London. We start a suny day with games. Playing gymkhana, throw the domino pieces, race relay, human football, Karts and Doing Sports. But the best it was waiting for us…. the bulls!!

Games Stag Party Madrid

ES – Recibimos a nuestros amigos de Londres. Empezamos un día soleado con juegos. Jugamos gynkana, lanzar las piezas de dominó, carrera de relevos, fútbol humano, Karts y algo de deporte. Pero lo mejor que nos estaba esperando … los toros !!

Games Stag Party Madrid

We play football, it has been fair play. Bull run was the perfect ending. We enjoyed run with bulls. They were a bit angry but we survive… it was a day full of jokes, games and good ambient. And we charged our bateries with a tasty barbecue.


Baby bull running stag party 2017

Great Stag Party in Madrid 2017

EN– Stag Party in Madrid 2017.

We had a fabulous stag party in Madrid 2017, with Damien and friends. They came from Manchester, and they learned fast how to run bulls with us. We started visiting the ranch and learning some facts about the bull breeding.

They were very brave and good people also. We spend a day plenty of fun, jokes, and adrenaline.We ran two angry bulls,then the groom put his balls in the ring. He became a great bullfighter and we take it on shoulders.

Thank for trust in us!.

Stag Party in Madrid 2017.

ES-Tuvimos una fabulosa despedida de soltero en Madrid 2017, con Damien y amigos. Vinieron de Manchester, y aprendieron rápidamente a correr toros con nosotros. Empezamos visitando la finca y aprendiendo algunos hechos sobre la cría de toros.

Fueron muy valientes y muy buena gente también. Pasamos un día lleno de diversión, chistes y adrenalina. Hicimos capea con dos toros, luego el novio puso sus pelotas en el ruedo. Se convirtió en un gran torero y al finalizar le llevamos sobre los hombros, como a un gran torero. Gracias por la confianza en nosotros !.

Greg Stag party – Experience 24/9/2016

Greg Stag party, baby bull running.

Enjoy baby bull running with us!

EN- Greg friends trusted us to celebrate his stag party. They wanted a real experience, a typical “capea”. We are really good prepared to show you how to bullfighting the bull, in a safe way for everybody.

ES- Los amigos de Greg confiaron en nosotros para celebrar su fiesta de despedida de soltero. Querían una experiencia real, una típica “capea”. Estamos realmente bien preparados para mostrarle la experiencia, de una manera segura para todos.

stag bull partyMadrid baby bull runningMadrid Stag partystag party

We receive our friends from London. It was a great day!. They had fun with us and our baby bulls!!. It was a sunny day with great spanish meal, and everybody lived the bull experience.

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